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Competition - the DIP 2020 Brief

Improving Lifestyle and Saving Resources

A product for urban living

The Brief

A true circular economy* is when materials and objects are continuously used or remade without any loss of quality or are efficiently returned to the biosphere.

Reuse, repurpose or modify are terms used in an area where urgent action needs to be taken if we are to succeed in fulfilling the aim of the circular economy. Under this concept, the lifetime of materials is extended and we continue to exploit the benefits and properties of those materials.

Bearing in mind these social and environmental trends, you are asked to create an item made primarily of plastics on the theme of ‘A product for urban living’.

Your product will enhance life in a city environment. It could be an item for yourself or a family to use in a flat or whilst commuting.

Ideally your product will be smart and simple, and the judges will also be seeking a clear understanding of your target market, how you could commercialise your product and demonstrate how it could fit into the Circular Economy model.

Good luck with your designing and don’t forget to look at the Judging Criteria for more guidance

*For more info on the circular economy, see: