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Competition - the DIP 2019 Brief

Healthy Body - Healthy World
The Benefits of Plastics in the Modern World

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The marine pollution crisis has focussed attention on the ‘disposable’ nature of single-use plastics that has unfortunately encouraged littering across the world, particularly where there is no infrastructure for collecting waste and recyclable materials.

To redress the balance, this brief addresses the latest initiatives related to the Circular Economy with Zero Waste requirement, where everything is valued and nothing is wasted.

You are challenged to produce a design on the theme of improving health, well-being or encouraging exercise.

In doing so we ask you to focus on the longevity properties and effectiveness of plastics as a material and the benefits they bring to the modern world.

Your design can either be a completely original product or an innovative rethink of an existing single-use design which is due for disposal or recycling. In either case, it is important to consider how you can positively impact the public perception and value of plastics so that your product is welcomed and accepted.

It should be:

Our judges will be seeking a clear understanding of the target market for your product and how you intend to commercialise it.

Registration closed 

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