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The Judging Panel


Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria in order of importance:

1. Originality: innovation in function, form or use of materials, or a radical solution to an existing problem.

2. Use of plastics: an imaginative, intelligent and appropriate use of plastics, indicating that research has been carried out into materials and processing.

3. Sustainability: evidence that an understanding of the principles of sustainability has been applied to the design.

4. Manufacture: indication that issues of cost-effective and sustainable production have been considered, from tooling and manufacture to marketing and disposal.

5. Aesthetics: evidence that careful consideration has been given to appearance and ergonomic factors.

6. Viability: a brief rationale explaining the need for this product and how it will benefit society.

7. Presentation: a clear representation of the design and method of construction, and an indication of all the materials used.

8. Adherence to brief: proof that the design has addressed what is required.