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Your entry must be made predominantly in plastic and any suitable polymeric material may be used.

A list of recommended websites and publications is available here and it is highly recommended that entrants consult this resource.

Submission Requirements

Entrants are required to comply with the following ten requirements. Failure to do so could result in disqualification.

1. Originality: Design submitted MUST be your own idea and, to the best of your knowledge, no similar product has ever been on the market.

2. Model / prototype: not required at the preliminary judging stage.  Models and prototypes  are crucial at the final judging stage to show essential working elements.

3. Summary of key points: a clear description (approx. 300 words) of the function of the design and why there is a need for the product, together with one sentence summarising its ‘unique selling point’.

4. Technical description: a description (approx. 300 words) of overall dimensions, materials and specified plastics, and anticipated method of production.

5. Costing: - evidence that raw materials and production costs have been considered in ensuring a realistic unit cost has been established

6. Sustainability: a clear explanation as to how the design addresses environmental, economic and social issues.

7. Visual presentation: the product and the processes that have led to its development to be submitted ONLY on maximum 3x A3 paper, preferably 100gsm, unmounted without rolling or folding.NOTHING WILL BE RETURNED. Photographs of concept models are always helpful. Extra material may be submitted on a CD/DVD or USB memory stick, using only MS Office software and maximum play time two minutes. Note that any source files containing animation sequences within the presentation should be saved on the disc within the same folder as the presentation itself, otherwise they may not work.

8. A submission entirely in digital format will not be accepted.

9. Software: indication the software system(s), if any, that have been used in the development of the submission.