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DIP finalist gets hands on experience with leading invention developers

“My placement at Innovate Product Design was a great experience … and gave me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects at various stages of development.”

Kai spent four weeks at the headquarters of Innovate, the business innovation and product design company, which helps people to progress new product ideas and inventions to the market place.

During his time there, he was given hands-on opportunities to get involved in projects and to understand the bigger picture of what is involved in guiding clients through the process of product design and development.

Kai, who gained his degree in Integrated Product Design, has now returned to his home town of Bath and is continuing to progress with his Potluck* design whilst job searching.

He said:  "Working at Innovate Product Design was a great experience, which I have learned much from. Innovate gave me the chance to work on a variety of projects at various stages of development. The work ranged from design ideation and visualisation, to prototyping in the workshop and patent drawing. This experience gave me a solid overview of the end to end process of product design at Innovate.

“I particularly enjoyed the variety of work week by week, as new projects came in and old projects progressed. The constant stream of evolving work kept me on my toes and developed my skills at using different design software.

“The work atmosphere was also great - my colleagues in the design department were all very welcoming, happy to give advice and lend a hand to make sure I was on track. Everyone worked together, sharing skills, shooting ideas and bouncing concepts off one another. Lunch times chats and laughs were also a great part of the day, alongside a pint at the end of the week!  A big thank you to Innovate for my time spent working with the team."

“Innovate’s design manager, James Mcinerny, said Kai had integrated well and proved a very capable person within the team.  “Kai quickly grasped our client’s requirements and was able to create practical design solutions. His quality of work was first rate and he was a great asset to the team,” he said.

Innovate Product Design, founded by Alastair Swanwick in 2001, is dedicated to helping UK inventors turn their ideas into reality, steering them through the process of developing new product ideas and providing the relevant resources and assistance to help them bring products to the market.

Its team comprises award winning design engineers, researchers, business development professionals and Intellectual Property experts, with experience in all areas of IP, product design and manufacture.   It has offices in London, Florida and Paris, and a design studio in Salisbury.

Innovate has been a valued sponsor of Design Innovation in Plastics for many years, providing support throughout the course of the competition’s year, as well offering a prize placement for at least one finalist.

Alastair Swanwick said: “Young people are the life blood of any company as they provide the fresh ideas for the future.  There is huge value in supporting and nurturing this new design and innovation talent, and this is why we support of the Design Innovation in Plastics Competition.

“DIP is the only competition of its type which offers placements to each finalist.  Students get a valuable insight into the real world of business, and we in turn derive huge satisfaction from seeing their understanding grow and - if we can – give them a steer towards deciding the next steps in their career.  We wish Kai the best of luck in the future.”

*Kai’s Potluck product is a clever combined cooking and storage device that encourages and simplifies the production of stock cubes using food waste.